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Stobie Fairfield
Educational Consultant
phone: 207-899-3101
Let Academic Options be
your personal resource and guide.

Ensure the Personal Attention You Deserve
Choosing the right college is a significant life decision and an enormous investment. With the proper guidance, the process can be broken down into manageable steps and transformed into a positive experience.

Academic Options helps students navigate their college search and application process from start to finish.
Our Approach
Our approach includes parents, yet teaches students to take charge of and “own” their college planning process. This strategy delivers the best results and develops important life skills.

We put the student, not colleges, at the heart of the search. Our mission is to promote the right fit with objective insight and compassion.

We share expert advice and feedback to demystify college planning and financial aid. It pays to be prepared.

The foundation of our consulting style is teamwork, organization, communication, and enthusiasm.

Find the Right College for You
You are the primary player! As your coach, we help you manage the information flow, dig out what’s important, make the best impression, and choose wisely.